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FINALLY....I am here!!! (Colorado Roo lover here)

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Hello all. Lakewood Colorado Subie lover here. Thanks to Shawn for sorting me out. HATE not having the search function available to me.


So at present, I am searching for an early 80's to mid 80's GL for my new-to-me commuter. I have owned several in the past, but have been without one for some time.


Time for a wagon or a 3door hatch. (Anybody in Colorado able to point me to some inexpensive candidates?)


Anyway, glad to be here and looking forward to meeting you all, after many motorcycle builds, and discovering forums as a means of reaching out and finding other, likeminded folks in my area and elsewhere, I figured I had best get myself on here as I began my search for a good Subaru candidate for myself. so far, I am not dissappointed, looks like a real good crew here......

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Hey you got everything working! Nice to see you the other day. I will keep an eye out for a bargain but I bet you will find one faster than I do.

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