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'06 Outback lift?

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We lifted our '00 Legacy by installing Outback struts, which worked perfectly and created the 'Legaback'. It performed flawlessly for several years and many thousands of miles. That car was totalled by a left-turning Jeep Cherokee, which was fortunately also knocked off.


We are shipping our Outback to Hawaii in October, and I'm wondering if there is a similar solution for our current '06 Outback. Some of those beach access lava roads are pretty gnarly, and a couple of inches of lift would help the undercarriage (and increase my access to remote surfing spots) a lot.


If it's a major undertaking for this car, fuggidaboudid, we're living in an ocean-front condo with no garage.

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06 uses a very similar strut to the 00. I was looking at a 07 today at work, figuring out to do a 6 inch lift and then a strut lift on top of it. As for strut length (we use the forester struts/springs on the older OB's to lift them), so I'm not sure if it still applies to the Gen 4 OB/Gen 2 FOZ. If you could find the spring length and strut length compressed and fully extended, that would show if the suspension side of it would work. As for the strut body length, goto napa and pull out front and rear struts for both cars and compare the strut body lengths


And you are 69 and still surfing?!?! Thats awesome

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There are some USMB Members who professionally Build Lift Kits for Subarus, both Old School and Newer Gens.


I personally purchased a 2" Lift Kit (For the Front only) from SJRLift.com, His owner, Scott (Screen Name: Scott in Bellingham) does Awesome Kits and I don't have any complain about the Lift Kit.


Also, many others, such like Highguys, BOSS, etc... I've read good references about them


I've seen Lift kits for Foresters, ~► Here.


Kind Regards.

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