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Hatch got hit

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One of my wife's clients backed into the Hatch. Luckily it just damaged the door. Also kind of lucky, the client had instructed my wife to park in the spot where she ran into it. It's kind of hard to make any kind of excuse when you told someone to park someplace specific then run into them. Oh well, could have been worse. Anyone local have a hatch or Gen II Brat door in good condition they would like to sell? I haven't checked the yards yet.







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Tried pushing the dent out yet?


Not until it's been settled. It's pretty deep and the front and back of the door have raised from the bodyline. I don't know that they're going back down. It's a little worse than the pictures suggest. I haven't pulled off the interior, but I am expecting some non-reversible damage. I will see if get some time tomorrow to check it out.

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