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Best deal on EA82Turbo Exhaust??Rear sections only

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Any experiences are are greatly appreciated....as long as they are related to exhaust for EA82T's.:)


I have a decent front UP pipe and Down pipe.Need the long one with the cat. and the rear muffler too.


I'd like to go with a medium grade/cost product since I'll probably doing whatever my Turbo mentors tell me next year with the exhaust,intercooler,blah blah blah....but for now it's get me in the road again Sally.

Thanks guys


I'm absolutley open to buying any decent "spare piping" you may have "used" that just so happens to fit an EA82T'bo wagon w/SR5spd.

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From the turbo back with 2 1/2" pipe, high flow converter, the most quiet Flowmaster available, (40 series IIRC- deep mellow tone off throttle, nice & talkative on throttle) used all the hangers and got the pipe as tight to the underbody as he could without heat catching it on fire while driving. I need to go ahead and wrap the downpipe. Still mulling that one over. I've heard good and bad.




the muffler and high flow cat was alot of the price.




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I went for the Dynomax Super Turbo muffler on my EA81t...Part number 17742, it's basically a direct replacement for the stock muffler.


It's super quiet, the only time I can ever hear it, is when I let off the gas or turn the car off.


I think it was like 40 bucks.

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I went to the parts store and bought a 6 foot piece of 2 inch straight pipe. I also got 2 45 degree bends. A couple of band clamps, and a 2 inch glass pack.



I welded the 45 degree elbows, in roughly the same orientaion as the stock pipe, used the stock hangers, and it works alright, except the inlet to the muffler hits the rear diff hanger. Sounds pretty good though.


I used the original connector flange where the rear pipe connects to the down pipe. I got new bolts and springs, though...and a new gasket.


About $25 for the muffler, and another $30 maybe for the pipe, elbows, and clamlps. You could duplictae the same thing with 2 more clamps and no welding.


The clamp I used is a band clamp. It's about 3 inches wide, and wraps all the way around the pipe. Like a wide hose clamp, instead of the kind that crush the pipe. They are also satinless steel, and reuseable.



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