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Hi all, I just picked up my first 'new gen' Soob and it's a 98 Forrester. I have only ever owned and worked on ea82's so I am wondering what sort of special tools, if any, that I should be looking for? I gather that I'll need an obd ii scanner, but are there any 'must haves' that I should be aware of that are specific to the new Gens?


I may have to do the hg's/check the heads first as it comes from a person who had overheated it. So ill probably re seal it while the engine is out...so I'm wondering if there is anything I should pick up that I might not already have.

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Excellent, thanks a bunch. I saw those online and wasn't sure if they were worthwhile or not.


I have one and when my check engine light in my outback came on I was able to pull the code going down the road. I grew tired of Advance arguing with me that my 95 Outback was not OBDII. Told them I was not going to waste my time nor theirs if I wasn't right.

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