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Spindle Nut Socket for rear wheel bearing on 80's Subaru's

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I found a socket that works ok, its an Evercraft 776-9179. It only has 2 notches instead of 4 but it works. If anybody needs one let me know I can try ordering more.

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I made a very similar 6 pin one for an Alfa Romeo GTV6 rear bearing by grinding down a 3/4 inch drive socket of suitable diameter.Took an hour or two.Turned out very nice.Strong too,had to impact it for several minutes to get the retainer to move.


For the subaru,I just used a punch.

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Well after soaking the bearing with PB blaster and heating it up this morning and failing with a pin punch and a large hammer, we decided it was time to wait no longer and fabricate the tool.


It worked perfectly and tomorrow I will get the bearing race pressed out since it will require more force. Or I may end up buying a press.


I'm willing to let anyone borrow this tool in the country with a deposit to my paypal if you are in desperate need.


So tomorrow bearings should be all done! Finally!


Thanks for all the suggestion guys!










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