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Need hubs redrilled

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I'm Will in Beaverton, OR (Portland). I'm looking to get my 92' Loyale hubs redrilled to 5x108. I have front discs and drum in the rear. Are there any shops anyone can recomend? Prices? Thanks for your time

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they dont drill out to 5 lug, they drill out to 6. your main choices are 14 or 15 inch pug rums that fit the stock 4 bolt, drilling out the hubs for 6x140 (nissan, toyota, etc), or swapping out the suspension for newer 5 bolt subaru pattern.


if you like the pug rims they are the easiest since they are bolt on, drilling out to 6 lug is pretty simple if you dont already have rims. if you have 5 bolt rims you want to use, then you will need to fab in suspension from a newer sub. never done it so I dont know how much of it will just bolt in.

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You can drill these hubs out to 5 lug, I have seen it done here in Australia. I wouldn't do it as the hubs don't have much meat / thickness where the studs sit. As stated it is better to go to either a 4 stud setup or a 6 stud set up.


As well it depends on what rims you want to fit, there are hub adaptors available but for the life of me I cant find the bookmark for them sorry.


found the link, I tell you it isn't much fun trying to search through 400+ bookmarks, I just needed to remember that the USA uses lug instead of stud :)





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