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Hi everyone! I know a lot of you here, especially if you have been around since ez-board was used (yeah, it's been a while!)


"Austin's Mobile Subarus"


This is my first posting about my business, which is just starting, so please be patient with my lack of organization or missing information on services- as I am still "building" my menu of offerings :D




Since my early days of working on Subarus (my high school car and almost every one since then has been a Subaru) till now, I have learned a lot about working on them and modifying them for off-road and distance travel. I have worked at 2 Subaru dealers for a collective ~8 years, mostly as a parts driver, but some shop work as well. However, these days I have moved around and tried to restart some aspects of my life and I have found myself in a position where I am starting up my own business! Since I have a tight budget myself, and realize that there are people out there who sometimes can't afford or don't want to afford what most shops or dealers charge- or maybe need something done during odd hours of the day, or are too far to limp a damaged car in for repairs. This is where I come in. Or rather, come to you! For the past 12 years I have been repairing, rebuilding, modifying and driving a wide range of Subaru models, with a very high rate of success in my workmanship I might add!


My offering:


Service- on site repair, maintenance, inspections, minor body work, modifications (lift kit installs, engine/transmission swaps, etc) and, extraction from off-highway breakdowns. I can also do long-distance deliveries (example, buying a rust free Subaru from over in the PNW? want it delivered to the East coast? Make it worth my time, and I will make sure it gets there safe and sound! (I can also inspect before purchase, if needed!)

(Specializing in 1980-2004 Subarus)


Negotiable prices- My current "going rate" is approximately half of what the typical shop or dealer charges! (Dealer labor price around here is about 100/hr flat rate, so my price would be 50/hr flat rate!)

Prices for custom work is completely based on what all is to be done, contact for more info there.


Parts choice- Since I am not a parts provider, nor can I offer any warranty at this time, I can use a wide range of parts- OEM new, aftermarket new, or used/junkyard! All based on your needs!


Training during repair- I am willing to teach you what I know! Same shop rate applies, but you get to learn how it's done (I know, not good for repeat customers, but who else offers a class for this price?) :brow:


Location- I am operating out of the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle, Anywhere within the city limits I have no extra charge, but I can travel anywhere in the PNW, with an approximated fuel charge (based on miles from 98107)


I am working on a facebook page, along with business cards and some "package" prices


So, any interest, questions, or suggestions?

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