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head gasket replacement pricing

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ok, so i looked today and there is a decent amount of sludge on my oil filler cap as well as some plain water. So it's a good bet my head gasket is blown. I added a can of restore inc's engine restorer with csl which will hopefully keep me going for a while. I know i'm going to need to replace the head gasket on at least one side (will do compression test to figure out which one). my question is...

has anyone had this done and how much did it cost?

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I did a head gasket set on my ea82t...I actually bought an engine reseal kit from http://www.1stsubaruparts.com it was around $130...you can buy the HGs alone also but I strongly recommend the entire kit so you dont have to tear it down again for something else. lots of people here strongly recommend using only subaru HGs, or copper ones


you should change the t-belts and water pump while you have it torn down, and have a good manual...also do a search for this...LOTS of info out there...

let me know if you need any more info! good luck! :D


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