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Brat/Hatch door swapping questions

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I am swapping the doors on my 82 brat from silver units to mustard colored units because of rust issues on the silver doors (dont worry im gonna paint em to match the OD green brat body)


I discovered today that the windows have NOT been swapped to brat units like previously thought. Therefore I need to use the glass (and lock cylinders too!) from the rusty doors.


So therefore I ask...


How do I swap the window glass?


How do I swap the lock tumbler (I dont have a key to the mustard doors)


Anyone done this before?

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I've replaced the window regulator before which requires removing the glass. Taking the glass out isn't too bad if you have done it a couple of times. It's even easier if you don't care about the old door, an air chisel makes quick work of things.

What you need to do is to remove the door panel along with the top trim. Near the top of the door there are a couple of rollers those need to go. Unbolt the glass from the regulator and slide it out. Be careful the glass is a little heavier then you would expect. I don't have much advice on aligning the new glass; it's a trial and error thing unless you've done it about 100 times.

The lock is easy. Detach the rod and pull out the clip and you are done.

If you need help just call I could head out to your place after work some night.

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No - it's simpler than that. Just did this the other day on my Brat. Took 30 minutes to swap everything. The glass is bolted to the regulator with two bolts - you'll see them at the bottom of the metal plates that are bolted to the glass itself. Remove them. Then at the top of the door are two "stops" - basically a right angle bit of metal with one end dipped in rubber to prevent you from cranking the window up too high - you'll notice they are adjustable by loosening the bolt. Remove them, and the glass with now slide right out the top of the door. Do the same to the other door, and installation is the reverse.


The lock is as stated above - very easy. Assuming your new doors have working handles and latches etc.


For the installation of the new door DO NOT remove the hinges from the car. If you do you may never get it aligned properly again (PITA). Remove the bolts that hold the hinges to the door itself, and bolt the new door to the old hinges with them still on the car. This method is also nice because you don't have to remove the fender this way.....



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