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Justifying the BRZ and its cost

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I (as hard as I try) cant find a decent full side by side comparison between the BRZ and FRS. Could someone guide me to one because I dont understand why Subaru had to mark up the price so much higher than the FRS. Id rather own a BRZ but because of cost I feel like a lot of people would rather just settle for the FRS. I understand the slight differences in suspension and the interior electronics but the price doesnt reflect the gain in quality very well.

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They include more standard features on the BRZ like HIDs and Navigation. Also, there are about 12-15,000 Scions imported this year compared to 7,000 BRZs. It's not demand, per se, but the market is being manipulated in Toyota's favor.


Personally, I would never buy the Scion version. Not because I don't think it is a worthy car, for the simple reason that Subaru did the leg work on this vehicle.


When I sat for the first time in a pre-production BRZ, my immediate thought was, "There is no way Toyota designed this car, this is truly a Subaru."


If you've sat in any Subaru built in the last 10 years, everything will be familiar. Compare that to my mom's 2011 Camry, and, well, not so much.


Even in watching the interviews and "behind the scenes" engineering videos, the Subaru half of the operation seems to have a much more in depth, passionate knowledge of the car vs. Toyota, who are touting the styling and heritage of the car.


Scion might be easier to get into, but in my mind at least, it is a fraud.






Watch these videos and decide for yourself.

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I Agree, Absolutely.


Here came on the Toyota Dealer.


About the Turbo, look ~► Here.


Kind Regards.


"Sources we’ve spoken with at both companies have confirmed that for the time being, both the Subaru BRZ and the Scion FR-S will come with only the naturally aspirated, 2.0-liter inline four; it’s rated at 200 hp and 151 lb-ft of torque."


Did Car and Driver just call it an "inline" 4cyl.???


Makes everything else in the article a bit suspect if you ask me.

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When I sat for the first time in a pre-production BRZ, my immediate thought was, "There is no way Toyota designed this car, this is truly a Subaru."



Not surprising.


Every car company is building "fake subarus" now


Look around the industry, and everyone is making all-wheel drive, unibody, independet suspension, utility wagons.


New Nissan Pathfinder = The newest Wanna be Outback


No surprise that they wanna follow the next big thing subaru is 20 years ahead on.

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It has to do with the trim load-out and the rear suspension (In Canada at least.)


If you get into an FRS then get into a BRZ you'll see it right away. The BRZ's interior is WAY nicer.




With the Sport-tech package you get full leather interior with Alcantara seating surfaces, Automatic dualzone climate control, heated seats, and then you get a touchscreen nav system even at the lowest trim level.


Rear suspension.


I know that the BRZ and FRS have different rear suspension set-ups as well. The FRS is designed to drift, where as the BRZ is tuned more to sticking to the road. I don't know what you get with the FRS, but in the BRZ you get a TORSEN LSD in the rear.




The BRZ gets self leveling HID headlights, that comes in the base level. AND the front looks better. There's this beautiful badge right in the center of the front of the car, it has a really pretty graphic with 6 stars or something. It replaces the toyota symbol and generally makes the car FAR SUPERIOR :banana:

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Around me there was only about a $5k difference between the FRS and the BRZ Limited... Once you sit inside, you know right away why.


FRS doesn't even offer a leather/upgraded interior. The Nav is a FRS upgrade, standard on the BRZ (all levels).


Also, for better or worse; Scion has branded itself as the hipper/younger/cheaper Toyota Brand, so its not going to be able to pull in price/quality point that a Subaru can....

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