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86 Wonder Wedge

Panning for metals... In the oil

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While what you say is true, there is such a thing as too much oil pressure. Its like putting your thumb over a garden hose. And also having the oil too thin or too thick at temperatures can cause excessive wear... and for this motor in general, why does subaru recommend against a 5w30 for continous highway (high RPM) operation when it should protect it? Maybe the oil, at temp, was too thin and shearing or slinging from the angular velocity of the bearings.. idk since I haven't done the math yet, but what I am saying is where is all this "mass misinfomation" in this thread? The first number denotes the ability to pour at a given temp and the second number is the "rating" of viscosity at another temp. The lower the first number, the better it flows/pours at cold and the higher the second number, the better it stays oil when hotter. Simply put... :drunk:

:drunk: Cheers! I agree! The purpose of Oil is to Lubricate and Clean Out The Dirt:drunk: I FLOG the Crap out of my cars 81- EA81,377k 90 Loy,ea82,190k,and I change them 2500-3000 religiously WITH cheap as* walmart oil I did say FLOG right? Now my hatchie ea81 I use castrol {since new} I"m nice to it babied:lol:Non flogged:drunk::) It doesn"t even have a hitch on it...unlike the rest of the fleet:banana: Hence the non flogging like the others:lol:

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This thread has really taken off....


Here is my question:drunk:


If Subaru goes against a 5w30 for highway use than why is 10w30 acceptable...Atleast per not being included in that. :dead:



Second i only run mobil one synthetic.:banana: Mentioned was using 0w30...Mobil makes an advance fuel econ oil 0w30...granted i'd only use it in the winter unless i had no issue in the summer (which i will) but would this be acceptable?:rolleyes:



And lastly should colder temps really affect the "warmed up" performance of the oil? when i used 40 and 50 weights i would get lifter noise (unless i drove it hard)...but is it a seperate issue or the oil's issue? 10w30 DOES NOT produce said noises:o

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