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car wont heat up

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I did the same 20 mile loop today. New thermostat now puts 190* F to the heater core. This car has a rodded out copper/brass single core rad in it and I flushed the entire cooling system twice on it.


I get hot to the touch from the vents but I think it could be better. Temp probe all over the heater core wasn't consistent. Mine probably has a pretty thick coating of Cal/Lime...there were cool spots on it too, like 80*F.


I'll be replacing it at some point. Need to pull one from a 124,XXX GL I'm parting out.





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checked a few temps with a cheap laser temp sensor. I drove to work on the highway, then checked when I got out and parked, so it would have raised a little bit from cruising temp.


187 deg at the top of the thermostat housing. 147 degree on the metal pipe going into the water pump from the radiator.


block and heads all read 160 pretty much even. heater hoses were 140 (this is with the vent on, highest temp setting, but no fan).


no fans on at all, even sitting and idling.


anyone have an idea of what I should be seeing? I see in the above post that someone is getting 190 to the heater, which is much better than I am getting. same temp before and after the core would say to me that its flowing fairly well.


I will probably just have to replace the core and see.

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I want to post up here, that in the colder days, my gauge would BARELY move off cold and I would have tolerable heat...


Pulled out the Beck/Arnley thermo and it was the MotoRad and next to the NTC (OEM) one, what a joke. Half the size, half the length and the opening was about half as well..


Well, new one in, and the gauge rises to just above 1/4 and the heat is fantastic.

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