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Stock 6" lift on brats?

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Is there really a factory 6" lift already installed on brats that would give them a slightly higher ride height? If there is where is it? on the shocks?

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what you are referring to is the adjustable ride height. In the fromt it is on the strut assemblies. two nuts (per side) can be adjusted so that the springs are compressed, therefore stiffer. The stiffer springs do not allow the car's weight to sit as low as they would when adjusted all the way the other direction. You will get at most about two inches on the front. These nuts are just below the springs.

In the back, there is an adjusting nut on top of the torsion bar tube. i don't know how you access it on a brat, on other (4wd only) models it is under the rear seat through an access whole. You tighten that nut all the way and it cranks the angle of the torsion bar. I have never measured the height gain, but it couldn't be more than 3 inches I would think.

By the way, you do this with the weight off of the end of the car you are working on (ie, put the rear in the air to adjust the rear.)

And your ride will be stiffer as well as taller.

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All 4wd EA81's have adjustable lower spring perches in the front - you can adjust them up about 1.5 inches. The rear torsion bar is adjustable as well and is good for about 3" or so. There is not, nor was there ever, a factory "lift" for an EA81. Outbacks have about a 3" factory lift over a plain Legacy. No model has ever been lifted more than about that - let alone 6".



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