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Just bought an 87 GL wagon with EA82 FI for $750. Its got 230K on it and its in decent shape. Took it to get smogged ( i live in Cali) and it wouldn't pass b/c its idling too high. The dude there said I needed a new EGR valve, so I did that, but its still idling too high. Called a Subie expert and he said its the Idle Air Control valve. What do yall think? And if it truly is the IAC, how can I fix the problem for less than the $300 AutoZone is asking for a new one. I appreciate any and all help. ;)


Cheers-- Will

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Welcome. :)


I have a similar issue on my '90 Loyale. You IAC valve could definitely be the issue. I've read up on it because, again, my car has the same issue and it seems like if that doesn't fix it, it can be your coolant temp sensor.


What you can do is take off the top hose to the IAC, then take a can of carburetor cleaner and spray it into the IAC. I believe you should have someone holding down the gas pedal all the way, and have the key in the "on" position. But not 100% sure about this. After giving it a quick spray or two, reconnect that hose and wait about 15-20 minutes and try and fire her up. I had a hard time starting mine the first time after the cleaning, but after pumping the gas a few times, she fired up and seemed to idle a bit better.


If it is your IACV, it should idle better. It's still best to get a new one though. You can always head to a junkyard and pull a clean looking one off of a low mileage Soob. I believe it's four bolts, that hose, and an electrical connection. I have yet to do this to my car though. Or you can take yours off your car and give it a good cleaning. Still, best bet would probably be grab one from the junkyard, clean it, then install it in your car.


If it doesn't affect it at all, then look elsewhere.

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IAC can do it, but make sure you don't have a vacuum leak as well. Chances are the car failed smog because it was running too hot and the SMOG guy told you EGR. (assuming it was stuck, causing more air/hot exhaust to be recirculated when it shouldn't be) When in actuality it;s sucking in more air than the MAF sensor is seeing. Hooking up a vac gauge to the intake (pass side, small port that feeds the HVAC vacuum canister and the EGR/Canister Vent solenoids is a good place to tap for a vacuum gauge. Also consider the car's age.. 25 year old rubber usually doesn't hold air very well..


Also, to check the IAC, pop off that top tube and work the throttle. You should see the plunger actuate once you come off idle or higher.


And just double check the timing, the throttle is closing all the way, and that the green connectors are not connected near the fuel filter.

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