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Quick EGR/Weber swap question

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Since I've completed my weber swap I've been chasing down vac leaks and believe I've found the last one coming from the EGR vicinity. I have the small EGR vac line connected to the front of the weber, but it seems like the large Brass piping that was formerly connected to the AAV is the source of the leak (verified w/ carb cleaner).


My question:


Am I supposed to cap the large brass piping coming from the EGR (EA81)? Or is this supposed to be connected to a vac source as well?


I've heard of people swapping SPFI EGR's over as this model doesnt have that brass piping. Would this be the route to go?


Also, I've temporarily capped off the ASV hoses after the silencers with large sockets. Is this sufficient for now? or is it not effectively blocked when capped above the ASV?


BRAT runs alright but seems to have a bit of a misfire/hesitation when at idle and the carb cleaner test indicates a vac leak near the EGR so I hope this is the issue... Once the vac leak is fixed I can properly tune the carb




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On mine, I swapped to the EA82 SPFI EGR to eliminate that line and the AAV (located on the DS strut tower).

I have had a few of those lines crack, leading to a vaccum leak.


As for blocking the ASV. Best to do so at the spacers on the exhaust.

Cut the tubes, crimp them shut, run a bead of weld is best.

IF,,,, the nut at the spacers will turn out, then cut the tubes, spin nut out and pull the cut tube. Then, install a quarter in the spacer, replace cut tube end and nut.

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