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dash clock replacement idea

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I happened to have a peak performance wireless back up cam that I thought would fit were the clock goes and since my clock was broke I figured why not. I know you guys love detailed pics so here it is.

Peak performance wireless back up camera


First mounted the camera. Screws in to the top two license plate mount screws. Ran the wire behind the plate and in through the bottom screw hole. Put a small piece of rubber where the wire tucks behind to prevent it from rubbing through. Pull all the slack through and than I sealed it with some liquid tape. Caulking would work too.


Here you can see where I pulled it through and zip tied the wire to prevent rattling. Also note I left the plastic screw nut and just cut the back off to fit the wire through and protect it.


Using a coat hanger I fished it up through the hatch. Little trick for stuffing the wires through the rubber piece is to smear a little grease on the wires. Slides right through


Run wires down behind pillar trim and into the tail light housing. Excess wire was coiled and zip tied. The plug ins for the transmitter are straight forward use a test light if your not sure but splice into the reverse light and a ground. Zip tied everything up so it couldn't rattle loose.


That was the easy part. Next I had to fit the monitor. As you can see to make it flush requires some trimming of the plastic and a little of the inner dash. A dremmel and hammer/ chisel make easy work of this.


Trim the top and bottom and part of the side where the power chord plugs in. Here I only have the bottom tab trimmed


Sits flush between the two long tabs after trimming


Next I trimmed all the smooth textured plastic in the inside of the front to widen the screen opening. Also made a small round cut for the led. Then glued the monitor to the trim.

Here you can see the "smooth" plastic I'm talking about.


next run your power wires for your monitor to accessory wire so the monitor isn't on when the cars not. I spliced mine to the cigarette lighter. Wire comes out here. Also in this pic you can see were I had to widen the inner part of the dash. There is a small thin piece of metal on the bottom if you score it on each side with a chisel you can flatten it out to fit the monitor.


Last pull the chord out just a bit to plug it in and test the monitor. Gently finesse the monitor and plastic into your dash


Remove screen film and admire your work!


Over all I would say the screen is a bit small and because it's wireless the screen flickers every time it picks up a random signal. But it was a fun project so I hope you enjoy!

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I did this also but with an ipod. way better than the factory clock.




I wonder what other things people have stuck in their clock holes:-p


As a matter of fact I stopped in the middle of my install to take a break and I had that same question so a little search led me to your thread and I read it and thought the I pod was way more useful and awesome! But I don't have one so I continued with the back up cam lol. Nice job with your iPod install by the way, it looks great.

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Thanks! It was very useful, distracting but useful


I sold that car a few months ago, and my current car has a trip computer and it still works. so I have the factory clock and all that other advanced 80's stuff.


my friend I sold it to loves it lol


back up camera is a good idea though, that was my second idea after my gps didn't fit, but like you i didn't have one so i went with the ipod.:D

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