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2007 Impreza 2.5i wire harness

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I bought an Impreza 2.5i wagon two weeks ago & as its a base model, I'm going to want to add some factory "options".


My '98 OBW wiring harnesses had plugs for all the factory accessories & upgrades, is this true for an '07 Impreza?


The things I want to add are heated seats, fogs - Things that have dash/console switches.


What about WRX & STI electrical options? I don't know what these might be, but I'll put it out there, anyhow :D

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I think they only way you're going to know for sure is to just look. It depends how many different wiring harnesses they made. Right usually it's cheaper to just manufacture and inventory a ton of a single type of harness rather than to have separate harnesses for different submodels.


I'd say the first giveaway would be to pry out the little trim covers over where the switches would normally be for your desired options. Is the connector for the switch there? Ditto for where the seat heaters would plug into under the seat, fog lights etc.

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On the OBW, the factory made the plugs hide in the loom if they weren't being used.


They were taped in with the other wires so you needed to know where they were hidden in order to find them - made the search more fun!


Before I get crazy & start to rip into the Impreza's loom, I'd like to know if they are in there or not.

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