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Winter project Gen I Brat tailgate

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Trying to clean house. Rust is not as bad as pic might make it seem. Nothing rotted through , workable with POR15 etc. Lower lip has a bend in it you can see. That should bend back fine with some heat. Hey ,its your winter project so it has to keep you busy somehow.


Has all hinges and stays.


Its either at my storage in Milford or at ctsuba's in Salem CT. If you want shipping that's fine. I just got a few large boxes.




Offers can be submitted via PM or email me at moosens at yahoo dot com

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Its in Milford CT now at the BACK of my storage due to frustration and having to slam everything back in as the sun went down.


Has all hinges and keepers , looks pretty good in my hands. Nothing too beautiful of course but workable.


I'll be getting storage all tossed around again before the real winter kicks in - I hope. Don't be afraid to ask about it. Like I say its a good little project and could look new again by spring with your effort.

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