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Check out my '78 from the underside. Now before you cry rot box , you really can't see the large areas of healthy metal protected - somewhat - by the aging Zeibart protection. I focussed on the ugly spots needing real attention.


I have a 3 minute + video I'll try to upload somewhere and let you guys see. That'll show you the whole deal and I think a cameo appearance by Subafreak.

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What are your plans for this? Does it have sentimental value? (other than being an old Subie)

I grew up in Maine and saw a lot of this and then moved to CA and couldn't believe the great shape old cars were in. From this perspective, I would salvage what parts I could and get another without cancer. I just put a few hundred hours into fixing a west coast BRAT with much less rust than this. I think you will find it goes much deeper than it appears.

But if you just want to drive it until the wheels fall off, that sounds good, too!

Come out West and see what we have. I'll buy you that brew:drunk:

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Yeah , I've already gotten west coast cars delivered. ;)


Sentimental , yes. But I'm not in a position to dump more money than a reasonable value.


Most cars I'd agree with you about how far rot goes where you can't see but they really did this car right with Zeibart. All insides of doors , sills , etc. Were done. I can't speak too confidently until I lift all carpets and truly poke around. But I'd guess that much of what you see does stop not far from the edges you see. I'm not opposed to a hack job with cutting out rot and making pieces to overlap the hole plenty and hit it with undercoating and call it better than before. Not trying to restore,just patch n go.


Danny w does have lots of sheetmetal but we would still be talking time = money.


Gotta run. Might check back later.

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