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EA82 still has all the original factory hose connectors.  Runs good.  Well I am not sure what will end up with this sedan either good parts or put it back on the road.  Keep searching the old, one owner subies are still out there.  Get them before they are crushed.   


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Thought I would re-start this thread, these pics were taken in Seattle WA this past January.  No idea where the location is or if the car is still there,   happy searching and rescuing.

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If it's the one I'm thinking of, can't remember the road but it runs parallel to the viaduct when ya get along the water front... IF it's the same one been sitting there since 96-98 my first spotting of it anyway

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No one excited about the VW this time ? :)



Here's my find -




25 year old, 239,000km EA81 4WD 4 speed Brumby


first spied about 4 or 5 years ago, sitting in a carport with th e family car sitting on an incline out in the elements. Next door told me it had been there for years, engine had 'blown up' and just sat there. I would look up the drive to see it still there when in the area (sometimes just a special drive to see )


I even got around to knocking on their door a year before i got it - no one home then. Next time for the knock was just before Xmas when I'd been quoted enough for a new tarp, estimated what another non rusty tailgate was gonna cost and offered same total for the poor thing. Owners jumped at it - free space up in the carport for the family only other car, on level ground.


Got it trucked home to first wash the 8.5 years of crud off it, cleaned under, removed those pink/green pin stripes and polished her up. Engine was not a goer. Did not really care, but found it a challenge to hook up all the emission vacuum lines to get it to run - something an invoice suggested a dealer had already done @ $450 in 2006!


Tell tale open vac pipes, left over rubber tubes in the cabin suggested was not quite right :D :D . In all fairness the invoice read that it needed many more hours to get it right and had exhaust leaks - something that had plagued it since purchased 30,000km earlier for $6990. Found receipts for another 3000 plus there is another engine ...a new battery fitted did just 44 km before car was parked, a little disabled due to acc cable melting and jack knifed. The years rego was paid up front- near $600 never used or redeemed!


It took me four hours to remove all the emission vac lines and fit up as per should be - fortunately I had a carb on a manifold of same era to copy :) , replaced a plastic valve that melted out due to the replacement engine having a different EGR hook up - oh, Brumby had air injection, no EGR, so I became the first of three to figure out the EGR pipe coming from the head, supporting a jack knifed melted outer casing accelerator cable - just needed removal and plug up hole in head it came from. It was blowing hot exhaust all over the work someone did on the emission hose job :(


I got it running with a spare acc cable, 190 - 200 psi in all pots, drove it 100y to test the gearshift :) , parked it until time allowed for my project. Four months later, start up , something went knock - three pot boxer has no power or won't idle.


Rocker off to investigate zero comp, banana shaped push rod came out, so too the rocker shaft, head off , inlet manifold still sitting there - I ya ya, no inlet gasket, just goo ! - head off to find black sticky gunk over one side of the inlet valve stem - stuck the valve shut.


Read in here that old fuel causes the gums and varnishes to deposit on the valves of boxers causing them to stick - reflects my first attempts to start on what fuel was in the tank - though it was then drained and refreshed.Think I still know the cause of my problem.


Lucky for me as I have a few spare EA81 headgaskets that have been a guest of the ever helpful Mr T'subaru and are coming my way soon. Considering other head off to check and clean heads, shave a bit to up the fun.

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My current project was rescued from a wrecking yard. Dented doors & front panels, trashed interior. NO RUST around the windscreen which is why I picked it up.

88 carb 3spd auto Touring wagon. Got the yard to remove the engine & trans and just sell me the rest for a reduced price :D .

Good deal for me.


Problem is that was 6 or 7 years ago now and it still ain't finished... :(

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My 84 Turbo coupe was actually a rescue.  I picked it up from this backwoods podunk "car lot" that was more like a wrecking yard that sold whole cars.  When I found it in 2001 the auto trans was toasted and the front diff had been run dry for a really long time (almost no teeth on the pinion gear). They had already sold the radiator, distributor, fuel pump, alternator and intake elbow.  I brought her home on a flat bed and changed out the trans with one that I picked up from a school mate for free when he did a manual conversion. Put new rad, dizzy, pump and alternator.  I had happened to have a turbo intake elbow in my garage that I was using for a wall decoration.  The one thing that surprised me the most about though was that the digi dash worked!!  This was my "Unicorn" car.  I had owned an 83 hardtop before this, but always wanted the elusive T-coupe.  Unfortunately I do not have any before pictures cause it was over 13 years ago, but here is a now pic.


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What Brat is in the background? The tray looks too short :P

Or is it just an illusion cos of the ride height?

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Looks like it is custom. If you zoom on pic you can see body work lines by gas cap. Shortened bed?

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85 brat before minus roll bar, drivers fender, and rear seats(don't have a good pic the day i got my first car and subaru) . Got it when the clutch was so bad it would move anymore. No afters until i have her back together and pretty from the restore.


78 brat sat since before 03 and haven't really done anything with it besides put it inside.


78 brat has sat since before 97. Got it running the day after we got it with a battery and new gas. No after but plan on changing that this summer.


78 brat sat since 96/97 and hadn't been titled since then. Only before on this but plan on a restore on this guy since he is super straight and rust free.


83 turbo wagon has sat before 04 with blown head gaskets and had the motor sitting in a tub in the back. Saved from the scrap yard.



After is still in the process but it's close


83 turbo wagon sat since 04 before i got it back up and running again. 




86 hatch before. It started getting parted out before i bought it and once i got all the need parts needed for it to run it was only going on 3 cylinders. So i swapped a spare motor and have been using it as a farm rig for the time being.

1545861_402548519880292_646989849_n.jpgAfter and still more coming


84 brat before and no after yet since it needs part of the front clip. Saved from the scrap yard for $200.


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