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A/C clock and rear wiper suddenly stop

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Hello all, first post on here. Ive been a pretty heavy lurker on here for a few years, finally have a question that i havent found already asked. I have am 88 gl wagon turbo. I absolutely love it, i bought it 2 years ago with 120,000 on it. Its been great, the wife doesnt quite appreciate it as much as I do. It has a bit if rust, but it just adds some character.

So heres the question, I was taking it down a bumpy dirt road, moving along pretty good. Afterward I noticed that the ac, the clock and the rear wiper all went out at the same time. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks, and thanks again for an awesome forum, I love it.



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Welcome to the USMB!! Its always good to see lurkers join in!


Gotta ask the simple ones:


Have you checked fuses? If you where shaking the hell out of your car going down a dirt road, it may have knocked a ground loose, especially if you have rust issues. Have you checked grounds and if the rear wiper/clock/ac is getting power when switched on?



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Verify that fuse 16 in the dash fuse panel has power to it while the ignition switch is in the RUN position. If you have no voltage there then the ACC contact of the ignition switch needs to be checked. If you have no voltage there either then the switch needs to be replaced.


An added note. The fusible links inside the plastic box mounted on the coolant reservoir can sometimes have loose connections and cause problems. I don't think they are an issue in this case but it is just something to be aware of.

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