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NorthEast Vintage Compact 4WD meet this weekend

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Probably a little late to post but if per chance you and your car/truck apply please consider attending. Check the Historic forum for details.


Just east of Albany NY is all I can say for now. Contact MikeHamm who also is involved in ice racing and I think the finger lakes rally group too.


Mike will give you the meeting place. It's very close to the MA border northwest of Pittsfield MA.


I'll be there in my 1978 4WD Wagon. Subafreak is brining a Gen II brat. Will be Nissan and others along.


Either way we finally have a vintage run on the east coast !! I'm sure you hod caws will laugh. It'll be light duty for me. Just good honest exercise for the pony.


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That Mike Kamm , not Hamm. Sorry Mike.


Yeah , maybe some of the Gen II people and loyale-ists can join in. Early legacy? Not my event but I wouldn't shoe you away.


About 27 hours before we leave. Rah!!!!

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100% cool people in this thread. :)


It was pretty cool. Thanks again to Mike K for getting us together and for all his scouting , clearing , and general prep. etc... !!



Mark 'n Mike and the little pack of wild 4WD Compact Cars above.


Had good fun right up to ....



The End.

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