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99 LGT Moonroof question (its not about leaking)

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So, i have this 99 LGT i picked up for $400 (needs motor, i have an ej22 im putting in), of course the moonroof WAS leaking like they all do, but thats not the point here. i know how to fix that.


my question is as far as sourcing a used track. what is the interchangeability between moonroofs in the sedans and wagons of this era (96-99) are the sedan moonroofs different than the wagons?


my glass is fine, but the bracket that holds the glass up and moves if front and back is broken on one side. i just want to know if i can look for ALL moonroof'ed cars from this year span (or other years?) for the tracks etc. the glass and motor are fine.

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I've been searching the yards for one for the 98 Outback that I have and have not seen another one like it. Starting to think it's an aftermarket even though it looks stock.


UPAP and pull the complete unit.

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