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Hello world,


I was wondering if someone has or can put up some how to info for switching out the duty C solenoid and clutch packs. I'm pretty damn sure I've got torque bind from reading all the different posts. I've had different tires on all four wheels and this is what I get for it. Obviously getting four tires all the same really is the first step, but getting the solenoid and packs changed is the next and I know where I can get tires.


Thank you for any help, and by the way pictures would be amazing.

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if you edit (go advanced) your post title to be more specific like, duty c and clutch pack replacement, once posted there will a list of similar threads at the bottom of the page.


currently the list looks like this


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1. get the same size tires on the vehicle

2. change all or most of the fluid - either flush or 3 drain/refills


you might get lucky and incur no damage and need no repair.


if the FWD fuse doesn't help then the Duty C is fried and it'll likely need repaired. if the FWD fuse does help then proper tires and fluid changes may free up the clutch plates and get them back to working again with no repair needed.


with some searching you can probably find a thread with pictures.

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My sisters '96 Legacy started binding because of different sized tires and the fuse didn't help. She had the duty C replaced and her bf did a few drain/refills. Soon after it was binding again but before it got bad she dropped the 2wd fuse in there and just drives it in 2wd. I forget why but there is a reason for multiple duty C failures. Sometimes even replacing it over and over doesn't help. Best bet (in my opinion) would be to replace the duty C and fluid, then keep the 2wd fuse in there just for the heck of it. AWD is great in snow and rain, but otherwise it's really not necessary. The Legacy is still my sisters favorite car regardless of whether it's 4wd or not. She's had a '94 Camry and '97 Civic, the Legacy is easily far better quality than either of those cars. The Camrys interior door handles were garbage as well as the exterior door handles and electric windows, and the Civic didn't handle the city life too well. Lots of rattles and creaks after a few years of potholes. Doesn't bother the Legacy a bit.

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