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Sorting out ej25d valve cover gasket differences?

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Hi all,


I have an impreza that has been ej25d swapped and the time has come to do the head gaskets.


So I am gathering my gaskets and discover I need to sort out the valve cover particulars. I didn't know previously that there were changes in this area.


So, question is.. With no vin from the original vehicle, how do I determine which (of the 4 types?) of valve cover gaskets I need?


Any insight?

Thanks, Sam

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Post a picture of the gasket that came out, the valve cover, and/or the head. Chances are someone on here who works on a lot of those will know which year it is.

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there are only 2 options for the EJ25D (1996-1998 and 99 Legacy/Outbacks)


looking at the spark plug holes and spark plug hole gaskets will confirm.


notice the difference in the spark plug gaskets between the following two links, these are the two styles:




and here:



figure out which is yours and correlate to the appropriate motor, year, etc and you'll figure it out.

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i have a set of valve cover gaskets for an EJ25D that i likely won't need any time soon from Subaru. PM or email me if you want to buy them.


i can verify which style if you're intersted.

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Thanks for the quick replies.


I hadn't seen the square plug hole before. So '99 ej25d had those.. Do they fall into the grey area of phase 2 ej25d that I have heard about? Are the 2.5rs ej25d square plug also? Just curious here.


I was aware of the hyd lifter heads.


So my confusion started with azones website, (98 subaru outback) 4 felpro listings based on vin. What I failed to notice befor was that it was only two part numbers. That narrows things down a little bit.


The pics show both kits with the oval plug hole but I wonder if one is the square kit.


My heads have the oval plug holes. Sounds like all of these gasket kits should be the same..?


Thanks again for the help.


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