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fuel leak 93 loyale

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Does anyone have any suggestions for the following problems....?


The first major problem is that out of nowhere my loyale seems to have developed a serious fuel leak... it used a quarter of a tank of gas in ~5 miles.

The weather had just become very cold and I believe it's only leaking while running although I cannot smell gas with the hood open and the engine running. It has very little rust but high miles.


The other (but less severe) problem is that the temp gauge never goes above the 1st notch (except in rare circumstances) and I've never heard or seen the fan come on. I can only assume this is not normal?



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Return line from the pressure reg back to the tank might be leaking,

Look under the rear.

That big of a leak will be easy to spot(and dangerous).


Faulty fuel level sender perhaps?


Thermostat may be stuck open or gauge faulty.

How is the heat?

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Pull a spark plug or 2 (on opposite sides would be best) and see if they are super black, wet or full of crap.


Also, check the coolant temp sensor values with a multimeter. If this is bad, the sensor will tell the ECU the motor is ALWAYS cold when it isn't.


The thermostat as well could be stuck open. Last time it was replaced? Did this problem occur in the summer at all? Did the temp needle ever rise higher in warmer months?

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Thanks for the quick replies (as always!)


Now i'm not entirely certain that fuel is leaking because i cannot fine any leaks or smell fuel. Is there anything else that could cause atrocious fuel mileage?


As far as the temp gauge goes it does slowly move up if it's climbing a large hill but the colder it is outside the less likely that is to happen.

The heat blows hot consistently.

How would I go about checking the coolant temp sensor values?

Thanks again,

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