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it normally doesn't snow IN lewiston because lewiston is in a valley so there ends up with a temp inversion.hot air near the ground and cold air on top.With that being said the last time it snowed here I wrote messages on the hood of my cars on the street.on my 83 RX7 I wrote "BRR",the subaru I wrote "YA!!!"

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Took another trip last weekend in the 6" rig. Welded diff, aired down. All and all did excellent. Although it did end with my rig sustaining some pretty bad body scars.


Here's some pics.


bent up fender and door..........fix or pull a new one from the bonepile.



Broken roofrack/lightbar..........10~20 bucks at the wreckers or some fab work.0112131634_zpsf9059525.jpg


Breaking off one of these lights mounted the day before, moments after this picture in the disgraceful winching out performed by a jeep............a deep hit to the ego and nightvision.0112131635b_zpsc30d3305.jpg


Seeing no other tracks but your own when you look back on this much beauty................Priceless




This is the jeep that winched me out.....he came almost all the way up to me for the winchin'. But still I can say the Suby ruled the mountain this day.


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