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Bill Putney

Previous poster saying "Hi!"

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I used to post in the Old Gen forum years ago (owned an '86 GL-10 wagon). Some probably considered me a PITA. :)


I remember there used to be "Flying Subaru" videos - usually involving GL/GL-10 wagons which were headed for the junk yard due to frame rustout. I'm not talking about rally videos of rally cars flying over a hill in a road race that appear to be the only thing that comes up in internet searches. I'm talking about everyday owners building a ramp to get it airborne, generally resulting in the car folding into a 'V' at the firewall or the struts punching up thru the hood when it "landed". Any such links?


If you remember me from back then, say hi. I saw a couple of threads talking about Skip heading off into retirement - I saw that his last post was in 2009.

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Welcome back Bill.


I remember you from before, just don't recall alot of your posts.


I've seen a few of those jump vids, trying to recall the site.... Fun on wheels???

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