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Talk to me. One has bluepaint and I'm pretty sure I have the set both painted same blue by some cretin kid out west. Corky sent these to me , probably paid $100 with shipping and taking care of Corky and the yard price. I also have at least one not painted looking very nice. I can get more close ups later , but would like to know if there is interest before I devote any time.


Blue paint is cheap spray can and those can be cleaned up.


Some have the bumper shocks , some don't. Also have a set of 56K bumper shocks from a '76 GF old lady car that'll probably work in any of those squared style bumpers from '74 - '80/81


Most have the rubber end caps.

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Hey Paul,

I am interested in :grin:(want to buy) your bumpers. What will you take for the best front and rear that you have? Jim

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You check with Subaru3 - Todd , yet? I appreciate your offering but I know he's closer and is cleaning house too. If not I'll be happy to help. I'm going up to that location either tomorrow or Saturday and will grab those and whatever else I can that I think will sell.


Talk to you soon,


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