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Stage I steering column with wheel and ignition w/key

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Right to the steering joint. Check the horn pad , that'll show you its from a sedan ,etc. if you have a parts manual. I thnik thins one is a 2wd sedan or wagon. Not a coupe or 4WD - just my guess. But it would work on any one of them ! They just changed the center pad design really.


Shipping , yes. Located in Salem CT if you want to pick up.


Nolan , if you're interested I can gather this together with some other Stage I stuff for you.


Time to move this stuff , but please this is not an item you're going to find every day. A good $20 and cover shipping and I think you'd be fairly happy. Now keep in mind the ignition switch and key are old and rusty but functional. You'll spend a little time cleaning up the metal switch cap and the key. Many moons ago we'd use Naval Jelly if that still exists. Probably just 0000 steel wool alone would work fine.


I can remove the wheel for you but please pay the same since its more effort/time. Shipping that wheel should be a cheapy - probably under $13


Ignition w/key switch alone - $27 total shipped 48 states , also takes time to remove drilling blind heads out....




And , if you're really patient sometime this spring I intend on finding the handful of brand new ignition switch caps I DO HAVE somewhere in my NOS stock.

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