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Webered EA82 questions(noobish)

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having the proper fuel pressure will give the best performance and mileage, running less won't help anything, though it may not hurt either.


basically the carb gets gas from the bowl, and the fuel pump feeds the bowl. they have to be in sync so that the bowl doesn't get too pressurized or starved for gas. as long as theres not too much pressure, and the pump can keep up with the driver it should be fine. mine bounces between 2.5 and 3 psi according to the cheap inline gauge I bought and installed on the fuel line.


I would actually say 2psi is a little low, but not enough to warrant major repairs or changes. if you have a fuel return line you may want to restrict it a little and see if that gets the pressure up (watch your gauge and squeeze it with some pliers, if that works then engineer a restriction to get the proper pressure). id shoot for 3psi (average if your gauge bounces). if not run it as is.

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