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Do I seriously have to replace the whole fuel pump?

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While trying to diagnosis why the EA82 on my '92 Loyale completely lost it's balls the other day, and why the engine was surging at idle, I found fuel pouring out near the gas tank. Took off the little plate where the fuel pump is mounted and found the leak. At on end of the fuel pump is a metal case that appears to house a diaphragm or something. Fuel is squirting out (quite a bit) at the base of a tiny rubber nipple mounted at the end of the fuel pump. Does anyone have any ideas on how to stop this leak without having to replace the working fuel pump? I'll learn how to post a picture here in a minute.

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It's toast. You can't and shouldn't fix that with a high pressure injection pump.


Get an older Ford F-series frame rail pump. Much cheaper than the direct Subaru replacement for the SPFI.



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