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brian -bwin-

Hi from Delaware!

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Been enjoying tinkering with my subarus (2.2 legacy 235k miles and 2.5 legacy outback 98k miles, both 1999 4EAT wagons) over the past year and at some point got the notion to lift the 2.2 and have some fun with it while learning some more about the cars. The lift is SJR 3" with outback struts. Everything on this car is rusty and the lift has taken longer due to many things having been neglected by me in the past 5 years. Probably about 2-3 weeks away from completion as I have limited free time to work with and am learning about everything as I go. Have gotten a lot of great information from USMB and glad my account is finally activated, thanks for having me! -brian


ps, I was going to post a few pictures but they display huge! rather than resizing the images, is there a way to display them smaller in the post? like img=50% or something?

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Hey Brian, welcome aboard. I'm also getting ready to start lifting my 97 legacy sedan, and I look forward to seeing your pictures. Best way I've found to post them up here is using a site like photobucket. I'm not sure about the sizing though, mine usually don't show too big.

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here are a few pictures


small garage we're working in



actual color is a safetyish orange, safety first ;)



strut spacers are the only thing installed so far



hoping to have the rest of the lift blocks installed by next weekend

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Re-sizing the pics; Open the pic using Windows Paint. Click on image and then stretch/skew. Then reduce the horizontal and vertical sizes by the same percentage. Then re-save the reduced image by saving as with a new name. A little tedious, but it works for me.


I used to live in Wilmington (up in Chalfonte) just off 202 near the border. Welcome to the Board.

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thanks for the welcome folks :) here's some pics of what we got done last night.


edrach, always run into people that have lived in DE wherever I go! If you grew up here the question is always "where did you go to high school", since there are only 40 something of them in the state. i went to middle school at springer, right around the corner from chalfonte. a neat experience was when I was flying home from florida with a bicycle, handed the counter guy my delaware license and turns out he grew up in middletown. we chatted, he checked the bike and waived the $50 fee, sweet!


dropping the engine low enough to get the subframe spacers in



transmission mount and control arm spacers



the control arm spacers were quite fussy to get lined up :/ my beautiful rattle can job is all scuffed, hehe



subframe spacer, spots of gray are some excess primer that is stuck on top of the orange


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some updated pictures, very excited to get it out on the road again soon!


required a bit of coercion to get the trailing arms in



rear subframe spacer



another angle on trailing arm bracket



one of the welded nuts broke off inside the body



back wheels are on the ground! stock tires look tiny :)



prettier in the snow



pitchstopper adjustment, hard to get my cordless drill on either side. used a dremel for pilot holes and drilled the big holes out from the passenger side.



fits up nicely


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Air filter box is verrrry tight up against the pitchstopper mount



Exhaust headers are just a little rusty



Whooo hooooo!!




Next steps: fix the gear selector (somewhere between P and R is P, R is N, N is D) get the air out of the coolant system, bleed brakes, figure out something to do with the bumper (old one is in rough shape but will go back on with some effort), get after cat exhaust back on and tucked up higher, save up some money for tires. Super psyched!

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