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Clutch/Brake peddle assy

Clutch/ Flywheel

Drive shaft

Rear Diff gearing has to match

Little electrical wiring


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Common swap...Go check out RS25.com ('98 Impreza RS is essentially the same engine/trans as your '96), NASIOC, and LegacyGT.com - among others.


Your '96 should be the same as a '96-99 OB/GT, and a '98 RS and Forester...by 'same' I mean the swap info should be very similar - including the wiring.


As, Larry listed, the Automatic has a 4.44 rear diff ratio; all the manual/5-speeds behind the '96-99 EJ25's are 4.11. You can also use a non-Outback Legacy or Impreza 5-speed, too.


The 2.5 5-speeds are hydraulic (hydro) clutches; the 2.2's are cable and IMHO much easier to deal with...and not that much more clutch pedal pressure...if any.




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