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Opening DIY garage...need some feedback

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Funny this came back to the top - I just had a customer come in asking for advice with his exhaust install after spending a whole bunch of hours at one of these DIY garages - him and his friend ultimately failed to get his turbo-back installed due to not being adequately prepared with knowledge and tools - broken exhaust studs/nuts ensued and it was an expensive catastrophe. And this was on a 2016 WRX. 



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Just stopped by one here in Portland, Oregon... not too shabby guys been in business for a couple yrs now. Gots everything ya need. 5 star reviews.



If ya haven't already done research what tools ya need layed out it may take a few extra. I.E. doing your wheel bearing axles?? pre-pack your bearings, preset torque wrenches 3 pcs. 1 balljoint castle nut, 2 Axle nut, 3 lug nut ???? could do the job even faster with a friend ????

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