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WTB: New struts for my Loyale 4WD?

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92 Loyale Wagon 4WD


I'm looking around trying to get some decent strut replacements as mine are totally shot. I live in Mexico and drive regularly on pretty terrible roads with literally hundreds of the most brutal speed bumps ever.


I've been looking at getting the KYB GR-2 ($38 on Amazon) but it seems they are only made for the rear on the 4WD Loyales... all the GR-2s for the front have said FWD. :-\


I'm thinking about maybe doing the KYB's on the back and a different brand on the front... is this going to affect the handling?


Any other brand recommendations? I really don't want to blow them after accidentally flying over the first hidden speedbump... :banghead:



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I have the KYB 233022 and 233023 GR-2 Struts on the front of my '94 Loyale Wagon, 4WD. They are about 1/2" shorter than the stock struts. I was in a rush and installed one at a time, and noticed the swaybar was a little hard to connect and the car pulled to one side :)


I really like the handling over big bumps. You could also consider some spring rubbers such as: http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Coil-Over-Spring-Rubbers,3536.html


I have these in the rear and they give about a 1" lift and keep the car off the bump stops with a full load of people & camping gear. You could get the 5" diameter size for the fronts too if you want more ride height and stiffer springs for cheap.

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It may handle differently if you have different brands front to back, but nothing too unusual, just keep them the same left to right.


Once you get your new struts, consider lifting it for bigger tires. More rubber between you and the road helps absorb rough terrain better, instead of sending it all to your struts and kidneys on smaller tires. A 2" lift can be made for $20 and then you can easily fit a 27" tire with a little trimming.


Heavier springs might be a good idea too. I've heard dodge intrepid or crown victoria springs can work in the front, and honda accord fronts will work on your stock rear shocks...or you can swap those out for toyota 4runner front shocks.


Check out the offroad section for upgrades



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