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1982 Brat, original owner, keep it stock or EJ?

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I have recently replaced the original paint and am debating whether to overhaul the original engine, or to replace the drivetrain with a modern more powerful and efficient setup. I am getting about equal parts for either remaining stock with matching numbers, or improving with modern equipment.


This Brat does not get driven much anymore, but it still starts and runs reliably, and is without doubt the best snow car I have ever driven. On the down side, it is all it can do to comfortably drive 70 mph, which requires 4000 rpm of 5500 available.


I would appreciate any input or opinions.

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Put in an ej, and try to build it with as much off the shelf stock parts as possible as you can combine years and models to get the recipe right.


Then restore the original engine and put it on a stand to bring with at shows!


In my opinion, if oyu bother to go with an ej engine, please bother to upgrade the transmission and the driveline/suspension to retrofit modern parts, or it will be absurd to drive with the stock 4spd and suspension.


maybe you are better off keeping this one cherry, and chosing another brat to build a project out of.


a 100% original car is something to be appreciated, and could possibly hold its value as a vintage car vs something swapped.

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Keep it original...not many out there and the ea81 is a good little motor.


I'm replacing my ea82t with an ej because... It's an ea82t..


I'm rebuilding my ea81 for my brat with a weber and higher compression


If you do go ej, do what Turbone suggests... Drive train and suspension.

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