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Ok... Caliper piston spinner tool made easy....

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I was turning the caliper piston on a buddies EA82 3 door tonight, with a pair of channel locks.... It was grueling miserable work... I used to have a tool I made out of a couple bolts and some flat bar and a jack handle or something, but it is gone, I lost it, I dunno.... So I am turning, and turning, and turning, and.... You get the idea, I am getting extremely frustrated, using colorful language and wanting to be violent about it... I NEED TO MAKE A TOOL!!!!! WTF DO I HAVE LAYING AROUND HERE!!!


Pretty simple to make, All you need is: A junk axle, an extra axle nut, a grinder with a cutoff wheel and a some sort of way to hook it up to a drill motor, I used a socket/extension/adapter etc.... I was in a hurry. You could very easily make one that turned truer with a minimal amount of effort more than I put into it, but you get the idea, and it worked great...


This is what I came up with... It is an axle nut with 2 of the 6 "parapets" (extra credit if you know what that is!) left on opposing each other, threaded to a piece of axle stub that I cut off an old axle, then I cut/ground the end to fit into a 7/8" 6 point socket. It took a couple stages of being pissed at the results to get it to this fine piece of equipment. First I turned it with a ratchet for a while but ended up chucking it up in a drill motor. This would have been a MAJOR timesaver if I had evolved it on the drivers side (did that side first).













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I have one of those 6 sided piston tools. All the times I've done brakes I have never found a piston that it actually fits. It's usually close, but I've rented the big brake piston set from advance more time than I've actually used that $6 tool. :-P

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