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Proceedure For Pulling Headlight Assembly On Bugeye Impreza?

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Specifically an '02 OBS, for purposes of bulb-changin'.


Also I need to remove the amber marker-lamp cover and sneak a new lamp in there. It looks like it just snaps out, but I don't want to hear the wrong kind of snapping noises (if ya know what I mean) :eek:


TIA :drunk:

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Thanks 777. The manual says that the marker lenses are just snapped-in and to just pull them straight out.


HOLY COWW (yeah 2 w's) what a piece of crap design this thing is!!! I had to pull hard enough so that I actually deformed the body sheet metal slightly, and had to spend time re-forming the shape of the opening with my fingers.


The headlight comes straight out of the front once all the bolts are removed (which is where I had it), but there's a secret hidden clip on one end that needed to be weaseled loose. The problem was knowing which way to pull.


Changing all the lamps once every three or four years is a good way to avoid spending unnessesary time with officer friendly. ;)

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