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treasure chest found....hopefully

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Ok so i was diggin through my dads old shop looking for a throw out bearing for my 90 legacy sedan, which i found, and came across two big boxes of subaru oem parts ranging from sensors to pistons to so many things some i dont even know what it is. I believw it to mostly be gen1 parts but could be gen2 as well. if anyone is curious ill be happy to spend thw time tomorrow cleaning the atuff up and taking pics along with making a list of known items and inquiring about unknown thru pics and part numbers. most parts are even still in oem packages. looking to sell what i cant use so please if interested lemme know and ill take the time. :headbang:

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Ok got pics and small list of some of the bigger items. Gonna do more research into the box of sensors switchs gaskets etc. that is all later.



4Sub emblems

3 Sub light cases

sd protector rh & lh

sub light lens

liscence plate illuminator

sub lighter kit

sub computer 83 not sure what

Nicron air filter 2-5801

Piston and pin ea71

7 valves

5 koyo ball and roller bearings

1 NSK bearing

Bag of steel balls (im assuming for a bearing or something)

2 sub ring-syn

sub coil cover

sub ball brg

sub ndl brg

gear dist drive


4 lug rotor

4 matching brake pads

3matching brake pads

Brake caliber

2 amsoil spinon bypass oil filters mdl# BE-90

Crank bearing set

sub a/c receiver drier

clutch cable





ok thats the list i got so far. when i figure out how to post pics i will do so. and as for prices i have no idea what any of this is worth so shoot me a number. Two things though, make the offer worth it and you cover shipping. i want to make a little money as does eveyone but my main reason for this is to POSSIBLY help another soobie owner. the parts were sitting around and i hate for it to be a waste. everything is sold AS IS you get it dont like it im sorry. i will take closer pics of parts as requested.

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