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Just finished up some engine swapping and have an extra EA82 engine and a lot of engine parts. 

- Short block 100$ OBO (NOT rebuilt. about 150k miles, cylinders are clean almost no ridge, was running, doesn't even need rebuild - just put back together) 
- Heads 25$ each OBO (needs valve job) 

- Long block 140$ OBO 
- Oil pump
- Water pump
- All pulleys 
- Valve covers
- Some timing belt covers and the tensioners 
- Flywheel 
- Oil pan
-Engine mounts
- Ask if you don't see the part you're looking for, I may have it


- Intake manifold 
- Carburetor
- Transmission
- Radiator
- Power steering
- AC

- Distributor


email chasewell@gmail.com
I can give you pictures or more history or information about any of these parts. 
Suggest a price for the little stuff if you are interested, let me know if you want the engine for a different price and we will discuss (via email) 


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Do you still have the intake manifold and is it a carb? Looking for one for my 87 DL wagon to mount a weber.  want a second manifold to reduce downtime.

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