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Window regulator/motor kit install 1993 Legacy

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Newbie here, thanks for reading.


Driver's power window not raising or lowering properly. Motor seems to be working, so I figured the regulator was faulty.


Removed the door panel and observed that one of the scissor arms --sturdy sheet metal--had sheared off near the center of the scissor mechanism.


Obviously it needs to be replaced, but I wonder what could have caused this ? I have noticed that upon releasing the contol buttons on driver's and passenger sides that the motor seems to still be going---this is only when the windows are being closed.


Looks like a few bolts need to come off to remove the old part...any tips or tricks to this procedure?


Thank you ,


Legacy Wagon 241K miles

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I did one in my wagon a while ago and took a few pics. Ill have to see if I still have them. Not difficult to install but it's a pain in the rump roast to adjust everything properly after the new regulator is in.

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Fairtax4me, thanks for the post. Photos and any hints on adjustments would be very helpful. I plan on installing the motor and regulator kit.

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