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new clutch, too much play in fork

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just finished replacing the clutch in my 93 legacy (cable clutch)


here is the previous post


one of the springs in the clutch plate had come out, one of the tabs on the TOB broke off and retaining springs were missing.  


new clutch kit from excedy #15010, had the flywheel turned


with everything bolted together the clutch fork can has no resistance in its entire traval.  the throw out bearing only makes contact with the pressure plate once the fork is maxed out against the tranny case.  


i measured all the old parts (pressure plate and throw out bearing) and they are the same dimensions as the new on.  Even tried with the old pressure plate installed.   the travel on the TOB and clutch fork seem normal, the TOB slides to the end of the smooth section on the tranny shaft.  


I can not figure out where this extra space is coming from, it is roughly a 1/2" that the TOB can move freely.


Is there any chance that the machine shop took that much material off the from the fly wheel.  Is there any kind of spacer between the fork and the TOB.  Would a bent fork cause this? 


I feel like i am missing something obvious but i have had the engine on and off the tranny three times now it i cant figure it out.



im open to any possibilities



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To have machined the flywheel that much there would be nothing left of it. Shops usually take no more than a few thousandths of a inch off.


I want to blame the release fork, but also wonder if maybe you got a turbo pressure plate by accident? Do the fingers on the pressure plate point in towards the disc, or out towards the TOB?


Is there any physical damage to the release fork? (Cracks) Is it seated all the way on the pivot stud? Is the stud installed in the correct location? Should be the lower mount point if I remember correctly.


Post a picture of it and we can probably tell if its bent. also post a pic of how you have the TOB and release fork mounted in the bellhousing.

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pressure plate fingers point towards the TOB when uninstalled, pretty much vertical when tightened onto the flywheel.  (same as old part)


no obvious cracks or stress marks on the fork.  I did not move the pivot  stud, is this something you can adjust?


didnt think it was possible to machine that much off the flywheel, im just scratching my head thinking of possibilities...


i'll take a picture tonight, im going to the local subaru guru to pick his brain.


I've installed clutches on these 2.2's with 5mt twice before with no issues thats why im at a total loss.

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