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Windows fogging, antifreeze smell and leak under the car

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I need help to determine the problem with my 2006 outback xt. I recently started seeing a leak under the car, antifreeze smell and windows fogging, reading some the blogs it seems like I have a heater core problem, if you agree with what do you think it costs to fix this issue??


Thanks for your help....

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Sounds likely. Is the leak outside under the car or in the floorboards?


Look under t he hood and observe any leaking where the heater hoses go thru the firewall. They are located just behind the starter.


Has the car been serviced? It is possible there could be a crack in the fitting where the hose attaches to the heater core if they have been wiggled too roughly.


Replacing the heater core requires complete removal of the dash board.


This is something you could do DIY, if you can afford the downtime with the car. The only challenge is remembering where allt he plugs and screws go. but it can be accomplished with simple hand tools.


You might get soaked on labor at some dealership or wherever else at shop rate, considering the work or removing the dash.


It could possibly be a simple fix.

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Check your coolant level. If the leak is coming out of the HVAC drain hose, then your hosed, so to speak. You have a leaking heater core.

If you learn for sure that the heater core is leaking, you could add some "stop leak" to the cooling system. It could fix the problem. Just don't use more then manufacturer recommends, or you could gum up the cooling system, or plug up the heater core. If your heater core is the leaking culprit, you don't have anything to loose.

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