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greetings from oregon

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Hey I'm Michael, I have been a guest reading on here for a couple years now. I have an 87 Subaru gl wagon 4wd. im working towards an ej swap with a turbo. Its nice to be a member and hope to meet some of you in person at the Portland subie meet on the 16th of this month.


My current list mods/improvements on my car are

Fully bed linered with hurculiner.

rebuilt ea82

Ported heads

cold air intake

Cat deleat

Larger tires on Toyota wheels

New struts

Hurculined black exterior

6000k HIDs

Smoke turn signals, running, and taik lights.


Ej on the way :)

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Welcome, glad you decided to join finally!  You've done a lot of nice mods there, you should get a build/project topic going ASAP!

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