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What heads is it running now? What are the best heads to chose for a performance boosted EJ engine build, and don't you need to run the intake manifold and basically the engine wiring/ECU setup from the car matching the heads you use?


I'm not sure what heads it's running now, probably a machined-a-bit: EJ20 EJ25 and DOHC with matching intake...  And yeah, you'll want an engine controller if you're changing from SOHC to DOHC.  


I just ran the stock EJ22T heads and intake with a TD04 Turbo, so I could get away without tuning it for a while...  But the new owner took full advantage of the built block!  I think it was a GT30-esque turbo.  He says there's some lag, but when it kicks in, it breaks the car loose. :)


Edit:  AND when he did that, he shattered three transmissions within a few months... It's now a STi 6spd... :3

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well I gotta move on from this car badly, sadly.

too much I got going on right now..

but its for sale on local KSL classifieds..

(anyone on the forum feel free to contact me, but I don't see enough local interest on this forum.. someone on KSL will surely snag it sooner than later)

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