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Greetings from Nevada

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Hi there everyone,


Have been lurking and reading posts here for a while and thought I'd finally sign up. I've been around Subarus for years - worked at a Subaru specialist shop for four years or so when I was just out of high school, and in the course of doing that fixed up an '87 Loyale for my Mom, got my little brother an '85 as his first vehicle, and met my girlfriend (many years later, wife!) who was driving a '93 Legacy at the time. We just sold that car in good running condition with 220k on it and replaced it with a 2006 Legacy Outback.


Anyway, I'm trying to track down an electrical issue on the 2006, which is my ulterior motive in signing up here. I'll post my questions in the appropriate forum, and look forward to helping out where I can as well. Thanks!

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