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99 OB complete drivetrain swap into 94 Leggy

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Hello all. Been looking on the site for years but now I have a question so I signed up lol.


First, I had a 1994 legacy lsi 4wd 2.2 at...and swapped in a (donor)99 ouback drivetrain 2.5d/at ( motor tranny diff axles hubs struts tires etc and yes it's lifted) I also did the dash swap with the whole ob harness(body dash gas tank engine bay).... It's sitting on the ground now and all I have left to do is the wire the pwr lock/ windows and figure out the fuel...which is my issue... Harness is all plugged in... I used the ob fuel pump in the 94 legacy tank) so, I have no cel, no fuel going to the motor and I'm not sure why. Also noteworthy, I did not use the evap box behind the pass side rear wheel( was smashed in the wreck. Please help... I'm stumped on the 2 month endeavor

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