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Need to strengthen rear suspension on 91 Loyale 4wd wagon

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I have a 91 Loyale 4wd 4 dr wagon.. I drive it to the Veterans hospital in Salt Lake just about every week. A 360 mile round trip. I have limited mobility and was recently given a "scooter" by the VA. It is similar to those you see in grocery stores and Wal-Marts . It weighs just under 200 pounds. I an trying to mount a rack on the rear of the wagon to haul the scooter with me. I have the rack mounting pretty well figured out. But with 200 pounds mounted off the rear of the vehicle, there will be a substantial load increase on the rear suspension. I'm not well schooled on the type of rear axle and suspension used on my Loyale. I cant see any logical place to install air bags,  I cant see a way to add extra springs ... The only thing I have thought of that might work is to replace the rear shocks with air shocks.. Any  ideas you may have to resolve this issue are more than welcome. 

I would think that some of the methodology used to lift the body , as some of you have done to make your Subaru's more off roadable , might be used here. At least in principle. I really need to decide what to do and get it done. Thanks in advance for your much needed help and advive.


Jim Leonard

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I installed these spring rubbers in my stock '94 loyale rear suspension, and they really help keep the rear end off the bump stops.  They give the car about a 1" lift in the rear.


http://www.speedwaymotors.com/Speedway-Coil-Over-Spring-Rubbers,3536.html P/N 917250-075


I also installed KYB GR2 shocks at the same time, they definitely stiffened the ride up.

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